Inglise keel - videos Great Britain; videode vaatamine, vestlus, ülesanded

29/09/2015 13:11


British English spoken countries: 

Vaata allolevaid videosid antud järjekorras.  Hoia ülesannete järjekorrast kinni!


1) – 4:44

2) -  5:49

3) -10:22

4) – 7:30

5) - 4:27


Küsimustele vasta kirjalikult inglise keele harjutuste vihikusse/antud lehele.  Ette kirjuta järjekorranumbrid ja kirjuta ka küsimus. Igale küsimusele vastamist alusta uuelt realt. 

  1. Name as many famous cities as you can.
  2. How many tourists visit Great Britain every year?
  3. How do Londoners call their Underground?
  4. What do people like in London?
  5. What is the highest point of Great Britain?
  6. Name all the parts of the United Kingdom.
  7. How many different members of the royal family were introduced?
  8. Name as many English symbols as you can.
  9. 9.How are sometimes English policemen called?
  10. 10.Did you enjoy watching this kind of videos?